Why I Am Running


I am a passionate and proud Albertan, business owner, political participant and volunteer, and have been for all of my adult life.

Our western heritage, traditional values, and way of life is being eroded and continually threatened by socialist think tanks, progressive extremists, and our own federal and provincial politicians. These are the factors that have motivated and invigorated me to enter my name for political office.

I am entering the race to make the UCP the best it can be, a party which truly is grassroots, listens to its members, develops strong principles and policies, is a party all members can be proud of, have confidence in and can trust to form the next government, and return our province to the prosperity and status it once enjoyed under the principled leadership of conservative icons like Peter Lougheed and Ralph Klein. I think the UCP, led by Jason Kenney, and with the right team, can accomplish that goal. I want to be part of that team because I think I can help the party earn the respect and confidence necessary to form the next government, and deliver the goods.

I believe that we, conservatives, have lost our way and are afraid to be who we are for fear of repercussions and reprisals from left wing academics, bureaucrats, policy makers, and special interest groups. I will give voice to and champion for the ideals, both rural and urban, of the constituents of Chestermere-Strathmore. Additionally, I will provide and promote a strong fiscal and socially conservative vision to my friends, neighbours, and to the province as a whole. As an ethical, honest and principled individual, I will bring some expression of reason and balance to my constituency and the Alberta Legislature.

Pledge To My Constituents


  • I propose to eliminate any and all carbon tax schemes. Carbon is not pollution and should not be treated as such.
  • I will work toward balancing the budget as quickly as possible. Money does not come from fairies nor does it grow on trees, it comes from hardworking, tax-paying Albertans.
  • I will engage my party to force the federal government to renegotiate the provincial transfer payment structure to be more fair to Albertans.
  • I will incentivize, through tax reductions, a positive business environment.
  • I will drive a movement to abolish corporate welfare-if companies cannot support themselves, they do not deserve tax-payer handouts.
  • I will engage with stakeholders to encourage business opportunities and investments to grow our local communities, thereby, increasing the tax base and relieving the burden placed on families.
  • I will protect the autonomy of Chestermere-Strathmore and our surrounding towns and villages from the central planning and bureaucrat loving Calgary Metropolitan Regional Board (CMRB). I will endeavour to eliminate their veto power over land use decisions involving our communities.


  • I will promote grassroots political involvement for all Albertans. I swear to follow the will of our party members without compromise. I will not promise a grassroots guarantee and then take it away.
  • I will defend property rights and the rights of landowners to safeguard their homestead and belongings.
  • I will work to enshrine parental rights and choices in all aspects of education.
  • I reject gender, ethnicity or identity based political appointments of any kind. Under my watch, all appointments will be merit and competency-based.

About Dave





  • Brought up on a hog farm in eastern Ontario
  • Migrated to Calgary in 1979
  • Worked for twenty-five years in the oilfield service business, eventually as an owner/operator of two successful service companies
  • Presently, General Manager, Constant Safety Inc.
  • Sat on Wildrose and UCP Chestermere-Rocky View Boards of Directors
  • Worked as a volunteer on several political campaigns
  • Graduate of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology-Recreation

UCP Memberships

To participate in the voting process at the Chestermere-Strathmore founding meeting or at the candidacy selection meeting, you have to be a member of the United Conservative Party. Party memberships can be purchased (one year-$10, two years-$20, and three years-$25) from the UCP website.

UCP Chestermere-Strathmore Constituency Association Founding Meeting-June 14, 2018

The electoral district of Chestermere-Strathmore is an amalgamation of the ridings of Chestermere-Rocky View and Strathmore-Brooks. The founding meeting will include the election of a board of directors (President, Secretary, CFO and up to twenty-seven directors at large). The goals of the board are to: support the principles, policies and objectives of the party; facilitate engagement of the residents of the Constituency; facilitate the nomination of a candidate; provide organizational and financial support to the candidate; and support and maintain ongoing policy and governance discussions.

This is a chance for grassroots members to participate in the democratic process. Please make your voice heard and partake in this historic event. If you would like to run for any position on the Board of Directors please contact, Ronda Klemmesen at 403-901-5796 or rondaklemmensen@gmail.com

I look forward to meeting you at the annual general meeting.